General Information of ATN


Since its establishment, ATN has catered for customers’ needs through diverse technical exchanges within the tire industry and provided relevant technology. Also, ATN has a talent network consisted of executive-level managers and former engineers with abundant experience in major tire manufacturers.

It is through collaboration with these talents that ATN is able to provide consulting and direct operation services to customers in a turn-key method. The scope, in such an approach, would involve detailed parts of plant operation including planning, operation, human resources, raw materials supply, production plan, pattern design, and equipment installation/operation. The scope will further be expanded to the entire process of plant establishment from planning to production to normal operation.

Company Address

1610, 16F Yuwon Bldg., 116, Seosomun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 04513
Overseas Branches: Czech, Turkey


+82 - 2 - 335 – 2864

Main Areas

Tire Manufacturing Consulting
M&A Brokerage
Industrial Equipment / Raw Material / Importing / Exporting

  General Information of ATN


ATN Vision:Global Service Provider


Customer Needs


Cooperation with Partners

High technology suppliers
Fully experienced human network

Service Maintaining

Sustained service provision

  General Information of ATN  

Human Resources

E. D. A.

Experience / 42 years
Organizational capabilities
Plant start-up, management
Cost control
Optimization, strategy

S. O.

Experience / 39 years
Project management
Maintenance management
Capital investment
Spare parts warehouse service

S. P.

Experience / 28 years
Automatic process control
Tire lot system
Tire endurance quality

O. F. F.

Experience / 35 years
New plant start-up
UF/Quality improvement
Extrusion improvement

H. M. Y.

Experience / 28 years
Tire pattern design
Tire mold design
Tire test protocol
Concept tire design

J. K

Experience / 27 years
New equipment development
Manufacturing process management
Equipment management

  General Information of ATN  


Connection with suppliers
Experience of establishing plants around the world
Consulting for legal requirements
Potential risk management
Investment, labor, construction, cost efficiency
Target Marketing
Niche Market Sales

  General Information of ATN  

Consulting Scope

Plant Design& Flooring Layout Design High Early Strength Flooring
Tire Design Compound Structure Pattern Special Tires
Foam / sealant
multi tread
including preform
Manufacturing Execution System
Quality Management
Warehouse Management System
Enterprise Resource Planning
Lot Tracking
Factory Energy Management System
Operation Mold Management Bladder Management Tractor & Fork Lift Management Material Weighing & Dosing Raw Material Supply Plant Management
Machine Coordination Installation Fully Automated Overall Inspection
Others UF Repair Certificate System Indoor Testing Protocol Scrap Management Human Resources

Consulting Scope for Existing Plants

Trouble identification

Countermeasure establishment
: production, quality, efficiency, scrap status, etc.

Improvement and effect analysis

Consulting Scope for New Plants